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Magic. Danger. Hidden enemies. Not to mention car trouble and dating hassles.

Real magic in the real world.

What's New

Sneak Preview of Mind Magic
I'd like to invite some people to preview and comment on Mind Magic before it gets shipped off to the land of carved-in-stone. Here's what you need to qualify:
  1. You must have read all of Modern Magic. I don't care if you bought it it, read it for free during the initial promotion, or borrow a copy. You just need access to a copy, and a reasonable recollection of what happens--I'll provide you with a timeline of major events, but I need you to help me catch any errors. I may give you a (gentle and simple) quiz about the first book, since there are people out there who'll try to score free books by lying. We all know it's true.
  2. You must be willing to read on a computer or ebook device. The manuscript files will be PDF; I won't be shipping piles of paper around.
  3. You must email me and ask.
That's it.

The world of the Prospero family

“An alternate world which is fascinating to the reader on many levels.”
—Yvette Stahr

Sorcerers live among us. They've always been here, but went into hiding during the witch-hunting years. They're still here, shrouded in secrecy so deep that even the bad guys think twice before breaching it.

“The magic framework is well worked out.”
—Piers Anthony

They have good reason to hide, because we mundanes have good reason to fear them. Magic is useful both in daily life and in times of crisis, but it comes with a terrible price—the risk of madness.

“An intriguing story set in modern times with sorcerers living amongst ordinary people and yet dealing with their own sort of problems.”
—David, for The Ankh-Morpork Times

Some abuse their power. Others dedicate themselves to hunting these renegades down. Most of them are just regular people. You might have passed one in the supermarket yesterday. How would you know?

Modern Magic

Cover Picture

John and Liz Prospero come from a long line of magical renegade hunters. Johnís one of the strongest sorcerers his family has ever produced. Liz is a sport, born without magic. Which one was lucky?

In Modern Magic, John and Liz have the center stage. We meet them in their late teens and see them through to full adulthood, accompanying them on a journey which transforms magic in the modern USA.

Check out more details and free sample stories, or buy the trade paperback from Clotho Press.

Mind Magic

Andrew, the youngest Prospero cousin, has watched magic-related obligations crush his aunt's spirit, wreck his parents' marriage, and destroy his father's soul. Zach, an outsider who has just discovered magic, is so enamored of the marvels he's found that he can't imagine a downside which wouldn't be worth it.

See the What's New sidebar, on the left, if you'd like a sneak peek.

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