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“I love it! The magic framework is well worked out, the writing is apt, and the crises are scary . . . . this is a fun novel.”
-Piers Anthony

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John and Liz Prospero come from a long line of magical renegade hunters. John ’s one of the strongest sorcerers alive. Liz is a sport, born without magic. Which one was lucky?

You ’d think Liz could live a normal life. But for a Prospero, confronting renegades is normal. Wherever she goes, her magical heritage follows, and it usually brings danger along for the ride. Oh, and don’t forget keeping half her life secret from all her friends.

John always knew he was expected to become a warrior, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. Working all day and fighting crime nights and weekends can wear a guy out. Especially with magical crime rising sharply, and fewer sorcerers willing to take on the burden.

One man has a plan to bring sorcery and modern justice together, but can it work? Does it go too far, or not far enough? How can anyone decide, when no one knows what the problem is? John and Liz each play a pivotal role in finding and defeating the underlying villains, during a decade of adventures which transform modern magic in the U.S.A.

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Modern Magic is well-written, with great characters and an excellent handling of action and suspense. I literally found it hard to put it down . . . and many, many lines made me laugh."
-Leah Cypess, author of “Shalott ’s Inn” and "Dead Silent”

“An episodic tale with an overlying story arc that delivers a climactic payoff . . . . it will no doubt be enjoyed by casual and hardcore fantasy fans alike."
-Dennis R. Upkins, author of “Stranger Than Fiction” and “It ’s All Greek To Me”


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Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight doesn’t believe in vampires. But when a new client introduces her to gorgeous Devereux, who insists he’s an ancient bloodsucker, Kismet soon finds herself up to her neck in the undead.

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The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn

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Some of Anne ’s work is available online. Check out the first five episodes of Modern Magic, or sample other stories.



It ’s like Minesweeper, but different. The magic you ’re seeking can move, and the information you have fades with time.

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The VIP Room

Once you ’ve bought Modern Magic, get a password and enter the VIP room for free downloadable music from Six Red Carpets and AutoVaughn, a chance to win a free autographed copy of Snow Ball by April Hamilton, and more.

There ’s a bonus story, starring the enigmatic Theo, solely for attendees of this party and available nowhere else. There ’s also a sneak peek of the first story of Mind Magic, the sort-of sequel to Modern Magic.

If you ’ve already read the book, get a password and enter. If you ’ve ordered it but haven ’t received it yet, email me with proof of purchase (e.g., forward your email receipt from Amazon) and I ’ll fix you up with a different username and password.